Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Radio For Sale

Price: RM 2 200
VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Transceiver FT-90R, providing 50 Watts of 144 MHz power output (430 MHz: 35W). The smallest Dual Band. It is now a collector's Item. You just can't get it anywhere from a package measuring just 3.9" x 1.2" x 5.4" (100mm x 30mm x 130mm), and weighing just 1.42lb. (644g). Rasa nya I don't have to tell you so much as you can find out the detail in the web.Radio is new but without any box or packaging. Frequency already kang kang

Price: RM 500
This Handy I think you also know and familiar.The Yaesu VX-5R is a triple band (6M, 2M & 440 MHz) HT with extensive receive coverage, and leading-edge features. It receives the AM and FM broadcast bands, shortwave (AM) to 16 MHz, VHF and UHF TV audio, VHF Air and public service frequencies. The specific ranges covered are: 0.5-16, 47-729 and 800-999 (less cellular). The die-cast aluminum housing, augmented by an extensive gasketing system sets a new standard for water resistance among amateur HTs. This robust construction has earned it a MIL-STD 810 rating. For full spec you can check with the internet.No charger, lost somewhere

Fadzil Mohd Salleh +6012 - 328 5701

Monday, 25 May 2009

Mitsubishi Storm 2002 for sale

Price: -
Reg. year: 2002
Mileage: 140 000 - 149 999
1 owner, 2 times overland expedition. Running perfectly and fully upgraded for the purpose. Dual tank, double winch (one of its kind in Malaya), original warn winch built in at the roll cage. Wide america centreline alum rims (5 pcs). On board gps, come along with fully restored and strengthen trailer with card. Price to be offered after viewing the vehicle by appointment.
Contact Kamsol Warjan @ +6019 - 210 3148

Friday, 22 May 2009


Dear Brother Scout,

On behalf of The Scout Association of Malaysia, Melaka, it is a pleasant duty for me to extend an invitation to all scout members to participate the 7th. Melaka World Heritage City Jamboree 2009.

Details of the said Jamboree are as follows:

Dates : 30th May 2009 – 4th June 2009
Participants are expected to arrive and register at the Campsite On 29th May 2009 in
the morning and leave the Camp on 4th June 2009 in the afternoon.

Theme : PEACE

Venue : Melaka Scout’s Camp (Kem Tan Chay Yan) , Bukit Katil, Melaka.

Activities : A wide variety of activities will be offered including adventure, hiking, scout projects,
community service, tours, commando obstracle, cultures night and friendship games.
Thank you very much for your kind attention, and I am looking forward to welcoming your scouts.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

JOTA MALAYSIA @ Kem Dr Shafie, Bagan Lalang

Alhamdulillah, mlm nie baru ada kesempatan utk muat naik beberapa keping gambar untuk tatapan pengunjung blog ini. Dah brapa hari asyik tertangguh jerr.. Apa pon terima kasih utk smua yang menjayakan JOTA MALAYSIA kali 2 pada 2009 @ Kem Dr Shafie, Bagan Lalang. Dan juga tahniah pada smua stesen JOTA MALAYSIA 2009 di seluruh Malaysia.. Hingga kita berjumpa di udara di JOTA Asia Pasifik 2009..

Dato' Kaharudin (Ketua Pesuruhjaya Pengakap Negara), Dato' Hamiddin (Bekas Ketua Pesuruhjaya Pengakap Negara-berbaju petak) bersama barisan Penolong Pesuruhjaya Pengakap Negara serta Krew Kelkom Ibu Pejabat Kebangsaan dihari Perasmian JOTA MALAYSIA Kali ke 2.
Sepanduk Rasmi JOTA MALAYSIA
Cuba lihat persamaan yang ada di http://www.qsl.net/9w2sq/
Malam Kebudayaan
En Ahmad Razif (9M2RT) membantu En. Rizal (9W2KNZ) di HF Station.
HF rasmi 9M1CSZ (Itu freq out of band laaa..)
Sessi cari ketam ke?

Silau mata memandang, berat lagi tgn menjunjung.

9W2HH nak bersalaman dgn Dato' Kaharudin diperhadikan oleh 9M2ZNM

Apa yg dibualkan oleh Dato' Kaharudin bersama Kem Komandan En.Hanif

Sessi ARDF

Bengkel Antenna

En.Alvin, smua orang cari itu tool box la.. Hehehehe..

Puan Ruby (9W2HG) bersama Jun.

Radio Scout Family

Kesian budak nie.. Sampai terlelap la..

Antenna Yagi HF 2 Element dan Dipole berfungsi dgn baik sepanjang JOTA MALAYSIA @ Bagan Lalang.

Antenna X50 juga turut digunakan untuk VHF & UHF

Dato' Kaharudin sdg rancak QSO

Sape nak main HF kena kasi panjat pokok la utk pasang antenna.
Pas tuh baru leh CQ Dx.. CQ Dx..
Olak..Olak.. Olak Lempik ke Olak Batu?

Kena kasi tuned dulu la kawan....

Sessi CW bersama 9W2AYA & 9W2HG

9W2KNZ sdg mengajar Penganggaran pada peserta.. Bukan kenyit mata kat YL.. Huhuhu..
Tekan PTT baru cakap
Sessi Semaphore
Sessi bergambar selepas Majlis Penutup.

Monday, 18 May 2009


Di Kedah, JOTA MALAYSIA 2009 juga telah dijalankan di Kem Ko Kurikulum Kota Setar, Kuala Sala, Alor Setar. Program yang bermula pada 15 - 17 Mei 2009 telah disertai oleh ahli pengakap sekitar Daerah Kota Setar yang melibatkan peserta melebihi 500 orang. Majlis perasmian telah disempurnakan oleh Yang Berbahagia, Dato' Latt Shariman Bin Abdullah, Pegawai Tugas-Tugas Khas Perdana Menteri.

Dato' Latt Shariman bergambar bersama Pasukan Kelana 'B' Laut Negeri Kedah.

Dato' Latt juga sempat meluangkan masa untuk keudara di stesen JOTA 9M1CSK

*Segala info dan gambar adalah sumbangan Che Nurul dari Pasukan Kelana 'B' Laut Negeri Kedah

Dah selesai JOTA MY 2009

Alhamdulillah, selesai dah JOTA MY 2009.. Taniah dan terima kasih atas kerjasama ahli M.A.L.A.S yang terlibat dari sebelum hingga tamat event.. Dari yg terlibat secara langsung atau dibelakang tabir.. Diharapkan untuk next JOTA Asia Pacific 2009 kita dapat sama-sama menjayakannya.. Sebenarnya saya cuba untuk membuat liputan secara lansung melalui internet tetapi kerana terlalu sibuk dgn tugasan yang lain, so tak jadi la nak wat liputan.. Gambar-gambar sekitar event berlangsung masih lagi tak sempat nak dimuat naik kerana tak sempat nak 'sedut' dari kamera jurugambar rasmi M.A.L.A.S.. Apa pon jutaan terima kasih pada Pengerusi Executive M.A.L.A.S atas tajaan kelengkapan radio HF, camera dan juga cenderamata untuk kegunaan kami sepanjang event ini berlangsung..

73 de admin

Friday, 15 May 2009

9M2AR quit from ham?

What I am going to write here is a matter of my own opinion. It may not be statements of facts.
What do I think of ham radio today:

a. Ham radio consists of people of various categories and qualities, from the good ones to the bad ones. The number of the bad ones could be as many as the good ones. The bad ones are

- arrogance

- believe they are the best people in the world of hamming

- Encourage piracies

- Using word like fuck, pig and other sinister words

- Show no respect towards experience hams with higher intellectual ability eg 9W vs Dr Ken

- boasted even though with poor or no knowledge

- start as pirates and continue with pirates lingo

- lending call sign to others

b. A big majority petitioned against CW exam. CW is a part and parcel of ham radio. ARRL, ORARI and many other radio organizations are for Morse codes because it is a feature of ham radio. Besides it is a character building of a ham to make them more organized. Usually bad character people cannot pass CW exam. In my mind those who are scarred of CW do not have positive attitudes.

c. The MCMC people had taken advise from people without knowledge and experience. These people had not been Short wave listeners and were not aware of many things. It is not surprise that the MCMC allows people it arranged to go to Indonesia to use Malaysian call sign there instead of requesting the Indonesian special call sign. The MCMC also allows someone in a war ship talking to a regular ham on the land. The allocation of call signs are confusing to the international ham community. And finally it allows non-ham using ham equipment giving them a special frequency which other nation had thought that the Malaysian authority had expanded the frequency of amateur band.

d. I believe there is some sort of corruptions going on because there are many hams who do not have even simple electronic knowledge who passed the Radio Amateur Examination. At one time it was said that someone collected money to ensure of the passes.

e. No action has ever been taken on to reported pirate stations

f. Ham Radio is now being politicized. There are occasions that the repeater was used to broadcast political event or activities run by political bodies.

g. People who committed crimes and cheat many other hams are in the ham radio.
Lately there were were talks on PRADAS, wrong SOPs, excessive used of Q-Codes and CB as well pirate terminology were brought in. New hams spoil ham radio. The sanctity and divinity of amateur radio has been washed away by new comers and new administrators. Ham radio has become just like any other radio; pirate, CB, Family Radio, commercial.

I notice one of the main problems of the new hams is that they think they are very smart and always want to show their pride of being smart. And they would organize into groups condemning other groups, want to compete with all other group even though they just became hams within one year. At the same time they would break rules after rules.

There were several occasions that subjects on illegal fund collecting were taking place here and there. The accused would create stories and asked his friends to boycott anyone who pointed out the misdeed. Though further investigation show the accusation was true it made the hams split more.

Last time ham radio operators must know English. Today it is not mandatory. Since it is an international hobby and not invented in Malaysia English is still vital. But those who could not speak English were never criticized. On the other hand there are people who condemn hard the people who speak the language. And they behave like a moron or barbarian on the air. These people use Western gadgets, dress Western and practice Western culture.

I would like to mention a little on PRADAS. It is a form of pre-marital sex or live in partner. A couple can have sex before marriage or living together as a kind of learn how to fuck before gets married. I was told that the MCMC says that piracy is a training ground to be a full pledge ham. I would called it a distorted thought in the spoil mind. The main training ground is called Short Wave Listening. SWL in fact is also an art. PRADAS is a symbol of silliness and inefficiency. It also contributes to the death of ham radio.

I appreciate those who continue to sit for CW test. I salute them. These are people with courage and positive attitude. Having failed once they made a second try and the third. These are real amateur radio enthusiasts. They fought against all odds. I pray for their success and well being.
I feel very sorry for the more educated and learned hams like doctors and lawyers. To me they jump into the wrong hobby. Yes once it was noble and respectable. It carried the flag of the nation.

29/04/2009 - One of my former students with a call sign said ,"Cikgu, Ham radio is for us to have fun...". I told him that ham radio is something can be treated as serious. It is a national reserve of a kind. During the Malaysian-Indonesian confrontation at least one known hams were taken to Singapore to help in the deciphering of enemy Morse codes. In time of war all modes of communication will be used by a nation. A nation must have enough people with Morse knowledge to intercept all the traffics and decode them.

Ham radio is also an ambassador. It broadcasts the existence of a nation and it's location. At the same it broadcasts the knowledge and culture of a country. When hams from a certain country are rude it is telling the world the nature of the people. The questions asked, the topics discuss and the way hams carry themselves can enhance or bring down the image of a country. Do you think the MCMC ever think about this ?

If you have been a ham for many years you will know which people from what nation could and could not be trusted and you can their characteristics from experiences.

30/04/2009- Many old hams blamed the MCMC for many things. Certainly the authority will fully reject any accusation. Administratively I would say that the MCMC is accountable for any wrongdoing by people using the radio. In some areas the body is also responsible in addition to accountable. There are many things that we do not agree but we have to carry them out because of our duty and our work. Read what Judge Chan said about judges and executing the laws. He mentioned that he had to hang many people who were found guilty though it is against his will.

I heard a few people said that the MCMC disregard the international convention on a few things. This will likely to happen when people in the MCMC are new to ham radio and are being advised by the very new people who think they are the smart lot. People had been mentioning name like Zol or Zul or Zu. I don't know whether such person exist.

But on the other hand the MCMC may be saying that there is nothing wrong in Malaysian Amateur Radio. Everything goes on fine. In that case there is nothing that we can do. We just wait until things explode and the politicians will throw some people out of the office.

03/05/2009 - Who owns owns amateur radio ? The MCMC does not own amateur radio. It cannot manipulate it as it likes. Neither do the plain Malaysians. We don't own it too. The MCMC administer it, arrange for exams and issue the licenses. The MCMC follows the international convention. But cavemen seem to think they owe ham radio and use it as they like and manipulate it to suit their needs. Even a radio society can say that it permits non licensees to operate ham radio on it's repeater. What a shit....

Source from http://9m2ar.com/quitham.asp

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Event :JOTA Malaysia
Date : 1500hrs 15hb Mei – 1700hrs 17hb Mei 2009.
Location : Nationwide

State/Location ----------------------Callsign


Selangor - Sg Besar-----------------9M1CSB


Kelantan--------------------------- 9M1CSD

Johor -Muar------------------------9M1CSF

Johor - Segamat--------------------9M1CSI

Johor - Johor Bahru----------------9M1CSJ



Negeri Sembilan--------------------9M1CSN

Pulau Pinang-----------------------9M1CSP





Wilayah Persekutuan---------------9M1CSW

Selangor - Cyberjaya---------------9M1CSY

Selangor - Gombak-----------------9M1CSZ

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

JOTA MALAYSIA 2009 @ Bernama

Ikuti temubual esklusif tentang JOTA MALAYSIA Kali Ke 2 bersama En Razif dari Pesuruhjaya Ibu Pejabat di Radio 24 - 93.9fm atau http://www.radio24.com.my/ . Disiarkan secara langsung bermula 1215 - 1245 @ 14 Mei 2009..

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Silent Key..

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa ayahanda kepada 9W2TLB telah menghembuskan nafas terakhir pada jam 2320 hrs bersamaan 11.05.2009 @ HUKM, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Jenazah akan dibawa pulang ke Ampang Jaya untuk penghormatan terakhir. Sama-sama kita membaca Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarham. Al-Fatihah.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Dari Gerobok Usang...

Gambar-gambar lama merupakan gambar asal yang aku dan beberapa rakan lain jumpa ketika mengemas bilik yang merupakan 'bilik sampah sementara'.. Bukan setakat nie jerr yang aku jumpa malah bangkai tikus kering pon ada.. So sementara aku rajin nie, aku muat naik semua gambar-gambar yang ada untuk sama-sama kita kenang dan tatap kembali rentetan pergerakan pengakap di Malaysia.. Lagi pon Pengakap @ Malaysia dah berusia seratus tahun.. So banyak la sejarah nya...