Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kisah Polis Trafik & Jojo - malaysiakini

Artikel best ni aku cilok dari - Jojo's Cupcake, Muffin and Vanilla.

I was on the way home from my office.
And, i was on the phone with a friend.
And there comes a police officer stopped me.
The conversation goes

Police Officer (PO) : you bawak kete cakap phone tak pakai handfree tak boleh.

me : Sorry?

po : Bagi i lesen.

me : sorry?

po : driving license.

me : ok.
pass the license to the PO

po : you ni india ke apa?

me : sorry?

po : you mix?

me : yes.

po : mix apa?

me : sorry?

po : You China?

me : You mean Chinese?

po : Yes, you chinese mix what?

me : Chinese, Indian, Siamese.

po : you bawak kete tadi cakap phone tu tak boleh

me : sorry??

po : you ni malaysian kenapa takleh cakap melayu ni
*he swtiched on his walkie talkie and talk to his mate

po : dia ni tak faham melayu ni

mate : dia tak faham tu susah. lepaskan je lah.

me : sorry? (dgn muka yg innocent giler babi)

po : you malaysian why no speak malay?

me : i just came back.

po : back from?

me : London.

po : you student?

me : yes

po : so u habis study dah la ni?

me : sorry?

po : you no student?

me : i am still student.

po : you finish student london?

me : i'm studying in Sunway University College now.

po : ayah you keje ape?

me : i don't understand what are you trying to say. sorry.

po : father work where?

me : my father is in langkawi.

po : business?

me : yes.

po : i give you saman. you wait.
he went to his motorbike and took the saman booklet.

po : i give you saman rm200 u bayar kat polis.

me : sorry??

po : i give u saman rm200 you go pay polis can?

me : what is saman?

po : where you go?

me : i'm going home.

po : where ur home?

me : nearby hospital tawakal.

po : i give you saman can?

me : what is saman?
*the mate on the walkie talkie says : dia tak faham tu susah nak dapat. lepas je la.

po : can give you saman?
* i buat muka yg innocent giler babi yang tak faham ape bende yg dia tgh merepek ni

me : sorry? i really don't understand you. what is saman?

po : i give you saman. can? you go pay polis.

me : errr ok??

the mate on the walkie walkie says : lepas je la. dia tak faham melayu.
the po replied : ishh. susah ah dia ni.

po : you go now.

me : huh?
*dalam hati gembira habis

po : you go now. no use phone driving.

me : sorry?

po : you go now.

me : okay.
*dengan muka yg tak faham langsung
**padahal dalam hati tengah gembira nak mampus

*lepas tu the police officer stop the car from passing by my side so i can get out.wuhuuuu!

sepanjang conversation tu i pakai british accent yg fake giler.

HAHAHAHA polis yg bodoh! ingat nak ambik rasuah dekat i? xleh blah ah!!!

TPU -Muakhakhakhakhakhakhakha...!!! Polis mi ni sepik inggelisy, mi no pil pom... aper la punya turrr polis..!

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